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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Understand your needs and don’t settle for less

When choosing the right video production company, it is best to be realistic about what your wants and needs are.

What is your message?

Who is your audience?

What you want people to take away from your message?

You worked hard to create an image for your brand that you want people to identify with.

It's important to choose the right video production company because they are responsible for illustrating your story and getting your message across. Their style, vision, and storytelling are all important factors to take into account. Video production is an art and directors and videographers have their own style.

Here are some features you want to consider when choosing your video production company.

- Storytelling

- Cinematography

- Color Scheme

- Music

- Editing


Whether you have a vision for your video or not, make sure you know what your message is. Pretend you are in an elevator with a neighbor you just met and, they ask you: What is your company about? You have less than a minute to explain. What would you say?

That less than a minute explanation will be your starting point in the whole process of filming your production.


In today's world, people have access to an abundance of information. A good tip is to make sure your message is straight to the point and clear. Usually, a viewer decides within the first 5 seconds of the video if they will continue watching. It's important you are able to grab the viewers' attention right from the beginning.

Now that you have figured out the storyline and an ideal time length for your video production, you are all set to start working on the script. This step is when writing and creativity begins. All the details and visuals that would support the storytelling are finalized.

Get a Quote from a Thousand Birds in Chicago, IL

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